Psychologist Christina Norman

Office at Osebakken, central Porsgrunn

Autumn 2017 I opened up my private practice in Porsgrunn, after 10 years working at different departments at the hospital in Telemark and the field of psychiatry. During those years, I learned about the health care systems, educational systems and recommended examinations/treatments. 

What I find to be most important after meeting children, adolescents and adults from many cultures, various life-situations, therapy and in crisis-situations, is what they feel they need from therapy to help accept life and its changes. 

My office is located at Osebakken, in an old building called Tekniker`n. It used to be a technical school and it is a nice place. There are yoga classes during the day and evenings at Tekniker`n as well, which can be relaxing and feel good after stressful days. 

In this calm area of the city, surroundings are beautiful with the river being close and you see the forrest and hiking areas. Only 5-10 minutes from Tekniker`n you find nice restaurants, art galleries and other shops. 

You can take bus M1 to BorgeĆ„sen and walk 7 minutes, or walk from the Porsgrunn station (train, bus, taxi) which takes about 15 minutes. In front of the Tekniker`n there is a parking space, so it is easy to park the car. 


It is possible to get sessions from autumn 2018.